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Baby Fox design needlepoint kit!


Unleash your creativity and craft your own decorative masterpiece with our "Pillow Kits".
Each kit includes a sturdy canvas featuring a delightful preprinted design.
No embroidery hoop needed!

With an array of vibrant yarns perfectly matched to the design and a round-tip needle, stitching becomes a pleasurable experience.

Assemble the pillow using the included sewing needle, thread, and backing fabric.

With our step-by-step instructions and helpful sewing pins, you'll create a one-of-a-kind pillow that adds charm and comfort to any space.

Packaged in a fashionable cardboard suitcase, our "Pillow Kits" are a delightful gift and a storage solution for future projects.

DESIGNED FOR BEGINNERS - Unique large holes canvas makes it easy for beginners to learn the skill, develop fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and learn the discipline of completing a task.


COMPLETE KIT – Don’t worry if you don’t have any sewing equipment or tools at home because our needlepoint kit for beginners includes everything i.e. large holes canvas with stamped unicorn pattern for guidance, large needle, colorful yarn, backing fabric and pillow stuffing.


AN IDEAL GIFT –Cats are adored by kids and as well as adults. They have a special place in everyone’s heart. A perfect gift for any cat lover. Additionally, this beginners kit comes in a beautiful and reusable cardboard suitcase.


SKILL DEVELOPMENT – A proven activity for developing small motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and attention to details.


There's no need for an embroidery hoop, which makes the kit easy to do for young kids and beginners.
Just open the kit, thread your needle, and start stitching!
Easier than cross stitch!


This DIY kit is a wonderful birthday gift for craft lovers.
Crafty friends, family, children, both girls and boys will love them, or treat yourself, and have fun stitching something awesome.

BABY FOX | pillow needlepoint kit

SKU: 306fox_pillow
  • - printed pattern on heavy fabric net 
    - colorful quality yarn 
    - a stainless steel, round tip embroidery needle
    - sewing needle and thread
    - backing fabric
    - acrylic stuffing
    - sewing pins
    - instructions

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