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Could you imagine your life without making or crafting? we couldn't either. Growing Up Creative is a collaboration between Marina - an illustrator, and Tali - an architect that design spaces to encourage creativity and play.
For both of us, making is part of our daily routine. We bring creativity and craft into our homes every day, as part of our parenting style ,you can read more about it in our blog
We find that making and crafting come with so many benefits. The end product becomes the bi-product. The learned skills and values and the time spent together making are the actual benefit of our products.


We are environmental conscious. This is why we try to always use the package as part of our product, or offer making activities via downloads and avoid mass production. 

The collaboration between us brings you a line of products that are aesthetic and encourage creativity and play.

We would love to hear from you.
Please let us know what you think. 
Now go make something...


Marina and Tali



If you cant find a store near you, we would love to hear of stores that you think we should collaborate with :)

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