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Transform creativity into a masterpiece with our "Picture Frame" Needlepoint Kits. 
Each kit includes a beautifully preprinted canvas, eliminating the need for an embroidery hoop.

Let your child's artistic talents will blossom.

The kits come complete with a vibrant assortment of yarns that perfectly match the printed designs and a round-tip needle for easy stitching.


Unleash your child's creativity and capture their artwork in a stunning frame!

We've packaged it all in a unique cardboard envelope that doubles as a display platform for the finished masterpiece.


These DIY needlepoint kits make easy and wonderful birthday gifts. Crafty friends, family, children, both girls and boys will love them, or treat yourself, and have fun stitching something awesome.

Party Pack | Picture Frame, Needlepoint

$79.60 Regular Price
$43.78Sale Price
  • Four Picture Frame kits, each includes:

    - printed pattern on heavy fabric net 
    - colorful yarn 
    - a stainless steel, round tip embroidery needle
    - recycled cardboard frame
    - full instructions of how to stitch and how to make the package into a       frame.

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