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  1. Cut 2 rectangles (a little bigger than an A4 or letter size) from any thick cardboard

  2. Score the cardboard about 1 inch from the edge for easy opening (be gentle not to cut all the way through).

  3. Punch 2 holes through the cardboard and all the paper you want to add to your scrapbook.

  4. Organize all your materials between the 2 pieces of cardboard. You may add blank paper, vellum translucent paper, check paper, a large envelope, and any other materials you think will give you inspiration.

  5. Go for a walk and find a nice stick for your binding.

  6. Thread a large rubber band through the holes, starting from the front side, all the way to the back, moving to the next hole and threading through all the way to the front.

  7. Place the stick through rubber band.

  8. To add more drawings, simply take out the stick and add more of your art work to the scrapbook.

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